Monday, October 1, 2012

I'm Making Myself Hungry Writing This Post...

Since moving out of my house I've discovered something kind of funny, I'm a pretty decent cook.  You may ask, now why is this funny? Being a good cook isn't really a generally funny thing.

I am Italian.  I am approximately 66% Italian (the rest is mostly Irish.  Which explains my impressive alcohol tolerance, and maybe extreme love of potatoes? No, potatoes are just delicious.)  I grew up in a household where my mom cooked every single night and she cooked damn good.  I actually used to tell her that if she kept it up, I would never move out.  She kept cooking like that.  I moved out eventually anyway.

So when I moved out, I knew I would have to cook for myself and I always figured it would just be one of those things that I did because I had to, not because I enjoyed it. (Like laundry. I really truly hate doing my laundry.)  Turns out, I like cooking and I'm pretty good at it.

So now... my mom gets text messages like these.

These are usually preceded by me saying "It's so pretty!" I promise they're prettier than my crappy Droid pics show. :)

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