Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hips, we have a problem.

I discovered the wonderful world of baked goods in a mug last night.  Namely I discovered that you can make a CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE in a MUG.  Uhm, anyone else just have an OMG moment?

To be truthful, I didn't discover this last night but the first time I tried it the cookie didn't come out very good. So I tried a new recipe last night and it was so good.  This delicious cookie-in-a-mug came from Art of Dessert which I found while on a googling spree. (Occassionally I like to go on random googling sprees.  What? Everyone doesn't do that??) This is so not healthy and I soooo don't care. It was DELICIOUS.  See below.

You can't tell that it's a cookie.  This is because I added Coolwhip, chocolate syrup and sprinkles on top.

My hips DEFINITELY will have a problem with these.


  1. Choc chip cookies in a mug, oh my! I probably didn't need to see this, but now I want it!!!


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